For up-to-date guidelines on managing recent or previously undisclosed sexual assault in adults, children and young people, please consult Canterbury Health Pathways. You can find our guidelines under ‘Medical’ and then ‘Assault or abuse’ menus.

Attached is the Cambridge Clinic Medical Assessment referral form.

The BMJ offers a 45 minute practical online learning module on the important issues to consider when dealing with a patient who has been sexually assaulted, either recently or in the past. Whilst some of the information is only applicable in the UK, it is still a useful resource which members of RNZCGP can access for free. Sexual assault: a practical guide to managing patients.

We are always keen to hear from doctors and nurses who want to know more about becoming part of the Cambridge Clinic team. Please contact us with any queries. To find out more about training in the field of sexual assault care and forensic medicine please consult Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Aotearoa (MEDSAC).

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